About A-1 Custom Computers

Hi my name is David Whalen. I am a Computer Technician with 23 years of experience. I started A-1 Mobile PC Repair in the year 2002.   Prior to starting the business I had a short career with Hewlett Packard 1994-2000 where I worked with computers on a daily basis. I was already building computers as a hobby since 1993 and by the time I started working at HP my computer skills landed me some great opportunities. While working for HP I was able to take computer classes, so I signed up for as many as I could. I learned to be a power user with software apps like Access, Word, Excel, power point etc... I also learned HTML website design and Auto Cad among many others.  In the year 2000 HP had a lay off of 1,200 employees and I was one of them.  This gave me an opportunity to go to college and take Microcomputer Support Specialist Classes for the next two years.  After college I decided to start the first true mobile computer service in Vancouver, WA and A-1 Mobile PC Repair was born. At this time there was only three computer stores in town. After two years I decided to open a retail store with my family and named it A-1 Custom Computers. I never stopped doing mobile PC repair, I did both and also started an internet cafe as well in the bar next door. A1 Custom Computers continued for nine years and we had a great business.  Eventually the economy went down hill and we decided to go back to mobile PC repair. We cut out the overhead of the store which was a good thing, we watched other computer retail locations in Vancouver close their doors for good.  Going back to mobile repair exclusively again was an easy move for me as I have always enjoyed the more personal service in the customers home or business.  So here we are and business is better than ever!!